All you need to know about the Fox Eye Lift

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All you need to know about the Fox Eye Lift

A new aesthetic treatment is quickly gaining in popularity among the Hollywood elite, and  has everything to do with the eyes. It is a refined, subtle, but elegant enhancement that promises to give you almond eyes and heavenly brows that slope up gently. The Fox Eye is the name of a revolutionary treatment that was introduced this year. 

What is it ?

The are around the eyes is numbed using local anesthesia. Following this, tiny, thread-bearing conical support points are inserted  under your eyebrow and eyelid skin act as ‘scaffolding’ underneath the skin are used to perform the Fox Eye Lift. The procedure boosts volume instantly and releases particles that stimulate collagen over time, which means that regenerative effects will be experienced for weeks following the treatment. A couple of different materials can be used including PDO threads, that are all biodegradable.

The threads will remain under the skin for about 12 months, after which point they will be metabolized by the body. Longevity will depend on the speed of your metabolism, which is unique for everyone. Results last up to 18 months though due to collagen remodeling.

One of the many reasons for the increasing popularity of the procedure is that the sub-dermis, which is the area it is performed on, sits beneath the dermis and epidermis, and is a relatively painless area on which to perform adjustments. A local anesthetic will be administered, but many patients describe the procedure as not uncomfortable.

The Fox Eye Lift is currently very popular among celebrities and actresses, but also among women of all ages, starting in their twenties looking to reap its beautifying effect without a dramatic change, but its speedy and cost-effective nature is what attracts patients from all ages and walks of life

Before the procedure was introduced, you had exactly two options for eye treatments:

– Blepharoplasty, which is an eyelid surgery where surgical incisions are made into both the lower and upper eyelids and then excess skin, fat, and sagging muscle are removed.

– Lateral Eyebrow Lift (Temporal Lift), which is a surgery performed on the brow’s outer corners to create a straighter and more elevated look to the ocular region.

The above procedures, however, were simply that – surgeries that involve anesthesia, incisions, recovery time, and will set you back a few thousand dollars.

The Fox Eye Lift, on the other hand, is the next generation of cosmetic enhancement that doesn’t involve the use of scalpels, and there’s only minimum downtime associated with the procedure.

The Fox Eye Lift can create a powerful and exotic appearance when combined with lip fillers. It can also create a cat-like appearance when combined with cheek fillers.

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