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Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Montreal

Clinique Face MD

Clinique Face MD

Middle Rhinoplasty Montreal

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty is a specific type of nose plastic surgery that addresses the unique nasal structure and needs of Middle Eastern patients.

This facial plastic surgery is known not only for reshaping the entire nose in order to achieve an aesthetic balance between all three dimensions of facial proportions but also for restoring a natural and realistic appearance.

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How Are Middle Eastern
Noses Unique?

A middle-eastern rhinoplasty is one specific type of ethnic rhinoplasty procedure that is done to enhance the overall facial look of a Middle Eastern person. Middle Eastern patients are different from the Canadian population in several ways. The procedure usually involves surgery on the entire nasal structure – the bones, cartilage, and tissue. Middle Eastern noses have certain particularities:

– Wide nasal bones
– Large nasal humps
– Droopy nasal tips
– Weak nasal cartilage
– Septal deviations and valve collapse
– Thick nasal skin

Because of these challenging features, the Middle Eastern nose is particularly challenging. Moreover, Middle Eastern noses can come in all shapes and sizes and do not necessarily have all the features above.

Middle Eastern patients can be from Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, and the Gulf states.

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Am I A Good Candidate For A
Middle Eastern Nose Job?

The first step to any rhinoplasty in Montreal is evaluating your nose and determining which structures need correction. Middle Eastern noses are known for their wide nasal bridge, thin nasal tip skin, large humps, and downward rotated tip.

What this means is, for the most part, Middle Eastern rhinoplasty has two goals:

  1. Improve nasal aesthetics in a realistic way
  2. Improve nasal breathing
  3. Maintain the patient’s ethnic appearance

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My Nose Is Wide And Crooked;
Can You Fix It?

The nasal bones in Middle Eastern noses are often wide and deviated.

The goal of Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in Montreal is to make these features appear more refined and less ‘wide’. To achieve this, Dr. Moubayed sculpts the nasal bones with ultrasonic rhinoplasty to minimize bruising and accelerate healing.

It is important to have realistic expectations with any surgery.

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How Long Does Recovery Take For Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty In Montreal?

Middle Eastern rhinoplasty performed in Montreal is a surgical procedure. Patients generally return to work, school and social activities in one week. If you want your nose job done the best way for you, trust the cosmetic head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgerys at Clinique Face MD Montreal.

Dr. Moubayed is a double-board certified facial plastic surgery specialist and has performed thousands of facial cosmetic surgery procedures in Montreal and surrounding areas.

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Benefits Of A Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in Montreal will give you a more refined nose that is proportionate to the rest of your facial features. If you are looking for one, or even two or three corrections at once, we can discuss what works for you!
Some benefits include:

  • Improved appearance of the wide nasal bridge
  • Smoothed, less prominent columella (lower nostril area)
  • Less ‘crooked’ or uneven tip

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Risks Of A Rhinoplasty Procedure

Like any facial surgery or facial surgical procedure, some risks include bruising, infection, bleeding, scarring, or a change in the shape of your nose.

While uncommon, these risks can be minimized be seeking out a professional and skilled doctor a proven track record of successful cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures.

Dr. Moubayed is the top head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and provides optimal care for his patients knowing they will look great!

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Other Types Of Ethnic Rhinoplasty In Montreal

Clinique Face MD performs rhinoplasty procedures on various ethnic backgrounds and sexes. We do both open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty procedures.

  • Asian Rhinoplasty
  • Male Rhinoplasty
  • Female Rhinoplasty
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


A middle-eastern rhinoplasty is a great way to reshape and refine your nose. Our cosmetic surgeons in Montreal, Quebec offer rhinoplasty results that can only be achieved with our specialized training and years of experience in the field.
If you would like to know more about our Middle Eastern rhinoplasty services or if you are interested in learning more or booking your consultation, contact Dr. Moubayed and his team at Clinique Face MD today.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Before And After Pictures

Warning: These photos are published as an indication to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

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Facial features are what makes each of us unique, and enhancing the appearance of facial features can have a significant effect on self-esteem. Over-the-counter facial products and makeup provide temporary results, but our procedures offer more durable and dramatic results. Our goal is to identify each patients’ facial aesthetic potential and optimize it. Clinique Face MD is an aesthetic medical center that specializes in cosmetic enhancement procedures for the face and neck. With our offering of injections, surgery, and state-of-the-art technologies, we are the only clinic in Quebec that provides such a complete service offering dedicated exclusively to aesthetic enhancement of the face and neck. Our team of facial specialists – overseen by the highly decorated head and neck specialist Dr. Sami Moubayed – are able to improve facial features and help you maximize your aesthetic potential. We use safe and effective treatment methods using the latest technology – with results that will not only enhance your appearance – but make you feel proud and confident with how you look. For long lasting, safe and evidence based facial enhancement procedures, go with a name that many other Canadians trust. Trust your face to Face MD! Check out our other nose surgery procedures: Revision RhinoplastyUltrasonic RhinoplastyAlar Base ReductionsNon Surgical Nose Job
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