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Deep neck lift Montreal

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Reshape your jawline and neck with deep neck lift at Clinique Face MD

At Clinique Face MD, our board-certified head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery uses advanced surgical techniques to address neck concerns, from loose skin to pockets of fat, ensuring your neck and jawline echo a youthful appearance.

Discover the benefits of a deep neck lift
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About our deep neck lift procedure

Clinique Face MD’s deep neck lift treatment goes beyond traditional facelifts. With the deep neck lift procedure, excess skin is meticulously removed, while the platysma muscle and connective tissue are delicately repositioned to combat sagging and vertical bands. This detailed approach not only ensures a smoother neck skin but also offers a naturally contoured jawline, enhancing your overall facial rejuvenation.

Unlock a youthful appearance with the deep neck lift procedure
Clinique Face MD

Deep neck lift vs. traditional neck lift

The depth of treatment varies between traditional neck lifts and deep neck lifts. While both target excess skin and aim for a more youthful appearance, the deep neck lift goes beyond, addressing the platysma muscle, ensuring long-lasting and deeper rejuvenation.

Clinique Face MD

Benefits of the deep neck lift procedure

  • Defined Jawline: Targeted removal of extra skin and fat offers a sculpted jawline.
  • No More Double Chin: Addresses pockets of fat beneath the chin, reducing the appearance of  the double chin 
  • Cosmetic Enhancement: A sought-after procedure for total neck rejuvenation and facial balance.
  • Complements other procedures: Can be paired with brow lift, blepharoplasty or facelifts for further facial rejuvenation.
  • Deep Layer Treatment: Targets not just the skin but also the underlying platysma muscle.
  • Recovery Time: Most signs of the procedure fade weeks after surgery, letting you resume daily activities.
  • Safe Surgical Procedure: Modern techniques make the procedure safe and effective when performed by an experienced and specialized surgeon.
  • Versatility in Treatment Options: Combine with other treatments like neck liposuction for optimal results.
  • Cost-Effective: Considering the lasting results and comprehensive changes, it offers great value over time.
Elevate your confidence with a deep neck lift procedure

Premier deep neck lift procedures

The ideal candidates for deep neck lift

An ideal candidate for a deep neck lift is someone troubled by sagging neck skin, a diminishing jawline, or visible vertical bands due to the platysma muscle. Entrusted to a skilled head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery, the deep neck lift procedure involves refined surgical techniques, maximizing the chances to  get an optimal realistic outcome and recovery period.

Wondering about the deep neck lift cost?
Clinique Face MD

Deep neck lift for advanced neck rejuvenation

While facelifts often address concerns of the upper face, a deep neck lift focuses on the structures of the neck. It not only tightens the loose neck skin but also delves deeper to address the platysma muscle, enhancing the jawline and addressing neck bands. The approach promises a more defined chin and jawline, improving one’s overall appearance. However, post-surgery care, like medications and restricted activities, ensures an effective recovery.

Clinique Face MD

Recovery insights after a deep neck lift procedure

Undergoing a deep neck lift is an investment in one’s self-confidence and appearance. The recovery process plays an essential role in the success of this cosmetic procedure. While individual experiences may vary, here’s a general overview of what to expect:

  • Initial Phases: The first few days after your deep neck lift surgery may involve swelling and mild discomfort. This is a normal part of the body’s healing process. These symptoms can be managed with prescribed medications and cold compresses. It’s essential to follow your head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery’s advice on how to mitigate these initial side effects.
  • Daily Activities: For the first few weeks, it’s advisable to limit strenuous activities. Keeping your head elevated, even while sleeping, can assist in reducing swelling. As the recovery period progresses, patients can expect to gradually return to their daily activities. Listening to your body and avoiding overexertion is key.
  • Medication: Your head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery will likely prescribe medication to manage post-operative pain. It’s crucial to take these as directed and not to combine them with other drugs unless approved.
  • Incision Care: Proper care of the incision sites is fundamental for optimal healing and minimizing scar visibility. Maintain cleanliness, avoid direct sun exposure, and monitor for signs of complications like unusual redness or discharge.
  • Follow-ups: These are essential milestones in the post-operative journey. Regular check-ins with your head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery allow for monitoring the healing process, addressing any concerns, and ensuring that recovery is on track.
Discover the benefits of a deep neck lift
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Potential risks of deep neck lift surgery

Every surgical procedure, no matter how routinely performed, carries some level of risk. Deep neck lift surgery is no exception. It’s crucial for patients to be well-informed so they can make decisions confidently. Here are some potential complications associated with deep neck lift surgery:

  • Swelling or bruising: While common in the early stages of recovery, prolonged swelling or severe bruising should be discussed with your surgeon.
  • Changes in skin sensation: Temporary numbness or changes in sensation around the incision areas are possible. This usually resolves over time, but it’s essential to communicate any persistent changes to your surgeon.
  • Scar tissue formation: While the goal is to make incisions in discrete locations, scar formation varies among individuals. Proper incision care and following surgeon recommendations can assist in minimizing visible scarring.
  • Asymmetry: There may be unevenness in healing, which could lead to asymmetry. This can usually be corrected with minor revisions if needed but it is important to have realistic expectations and to note that no one is perfectly symmetrical.
  • Others: There might be potential complications like infection, bleeding, or reactions to anesthesia. Ensuring you are in a sterile environment and choosing a reputable clinic and head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery can minimize these risks.

The importance of selecting a board-certified head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery cannot be overstated. Their training, experience, and commitment to patient safety ensure that you are in capable and caring hands throughout your deep neck lift journey.

Learn more about the deep neck lift procedure

How is a deep neck lift performed?

A deep neck lift is a popular procedure in cosmetic surgery, designed to rejuvenate the neck region. Primarily, it targets neck muscles and fat layers beneath the facial skin to reposition them into a youthful position. The procedure often involves a chin incision and addresses the digastric muscles. The surgeon may also combine neck procedures with traditional facelift surgery to enhance facial features.

How painful is deep neck lift?

While discomfort is expected post-surgery, pain medication is usually prescribed to manage it. The intensity of pain varies from patient to patient, but with a qualified head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery conducting the procedure, utmost care is taken to ensure minimal discomfort. Most of Dr Moubayed’s deep neck lifts are performed under local anesthesia only. 

How many years does a neck lift last?

A neck lift typically offers a youthful contour that lasts several years, but the longevity varies based on factors like skin resurfacing practices, sun protection, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity and avoiding excessive sun can prolong the rejuvenated appearance.

How much is a neck lift in Canada?

The average cost of neck lifts in Canada fluctuates based on the facility, the expertise of the neck lift surgeon, and the specific neck surgery details. Financing options are often available, but it’s crucial to understand that the average neck lift cost isn’t a one-size-fits-all figure.

Does a neck lift include jowls?

Yes, many facelift procedures, especially the traditional facelift, also address the jowls by lifting and tightening the facial skin. However, the primary focus remains on the neck tissues and fatty tissue in the neck region.

What is the best age for a neck lift?

The optimal age for a neck lift varies based on aesthetic concerns and individual facial appearance. Typically, candidates in their 40s to 60s opt for this surgery, but suitable candidates can be outside this range if they have significant appearance of wrinkles or sagging.

Is neck lift better than neck tightening?

While a neck lift involves repositioning neck muscles and removing a layer of fat for a more youthful contour, neck tightening, like skin resurfacing, often uses less invasive options to address the appearance of wrinkles. The choice between them depends on the patient’s specific aesthetic concerns and the recommendation of the head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery.

What is the least invasive neck lift?

The limited-incision neck lift is a less invasive option in facial plastic surgery, focusing on specific areas of concern. Often an outpatient procedure, it allows for quicker recovery and a return to light activities sooner. This procedure aims to maintain the blood supply and integrity of the facial skin while addressing sagging or excess neck fat.

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