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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Montreal

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Most of us know that traditional rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that changes a person’s nose appearance. It’s performed to improve the shape or function of the nose, and may also be done for purely cosmetic reasons.

In an ethnic rhinoplasty, the procedure is tailored to the patient’s ethnic background.

Rhinoplasty can be performed for people of any ethnic background, but modern rhinoplasty techniques and methods are designed especially for ethnically diverse patients.

Ethnic rhinoplasty differs from a regular nose job (rhinoplasty) in that it addresses the subtle differences in facial features among various ethnic groups.

Rhinoplasty is commonly performed among plastic surgery patients to augment a nose that does not fit well with a person’s face, but ethnic rhinoplasty focuses on creating an ideal bridge, tip, and angle for each individual’s particular ethnicity.

Some examples of ethnic rhinoplasty include Asian rhinoplasty, Caucasian rhinoplasty, Middle-Eastern rhinoplasty, and African-American rhinoplasty.

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what is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose, often reducing nasal projection, thickening of the tip, and narrowing of lateral alae.

The rhinoplasty procedure may include trimming away excess skin on the sides between your nose and upper lip, shortening or straightening your nose if it is longer than ideal, reshaping or reducing the size of your nostrils, changing the angle between your nose and upper lip, or reducing an aquiline (hooked) appearance.

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What ethnic groups are typically treated with an ethnic nose job?

» Asian rhinoplasty
Typically involves the use of a non-surgical, osteotomized (bone cut) method, which is said to be more natural than other surgical techniques. A flat bridge and an over-projected tip that causes your nose to appear wide are common problems for Asian rhinoplasty patients.

» Caucasian rhinoplasty
Typically involves the use of an osteotomized technique that shortens your nose if it is longer than ideal. Patients may also choose to have their nostrils made smaller or more symmetrical.

» African-American rhinoplasty
Can be performed on individuals with wide noses, a flatter tip, and overhanging sides, among other concerns. An elongated, pointy tip and wide nose are common problems for African-American rhinoplasty patients.

» Middle eastern rhinoplasty
Is commonly performed on individuals with wide noses, a flatter tip, and overhanging sides. An elongated, pointy tip and wide nose are common problems for middle eastern rhinoplasty patients.

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Benefits of an ethnic rhinoplasty

An ethnic rhinoplasty procedure can correct an excessively flat or wide nose, as well as slim down a nose that appears overly bulky.

This type of rhinoplasty may also be performed on patients suffering from breathing issues due to nasal obstruction. Although most cases are centered around improving cosmetic appearance, it’s important to remember that ethnic rhinoplasty can also help those with breathing problems.

Some other benefits of an ethnic rhinoplasty include:

  • Lessening ethnic appearance
  • Lessening the need for wearing glasses or sunglasses to appear more appealing
  • Decreasing the amount of teasing and bullying you may be subjected to by others
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence

Although rhinoplasty can make it easier for you to blend in with other people, it’s important for you to be happy within yourself before undergoing any type of surgery.


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How is ethnic rhinoplasty performed?

Many head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgerys recommend having a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to determine if you’re a candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty, as each procedure varies depending on your needs.

During an ethnic rhinoplasty consultation, your Dr. Moubayed will evaluate your nose and possibly take a 3D scan to get a better idea of how you would like it to look. A full medical history may also be taken at the beginning of the consultation.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home afterward.

During the procedure, Dr. Moubayed will make incisions, remove any additional bone and cartilage that may be causing your nose to appear broader or flatter, and add some extra material if needed. He may also stitch up any wounds created during the procedure.

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When can I resume my normal activities?

After undergoing any rhinoplasty surgeries, you may also be able to resume light activities after a few weeks.

It will likely take at least six months before your rhinoplasty fully heals, and your surgeon may recommend that you use sunblock on the area during this period.

Post-procedure care includes keeping the area clean and covered with a bandage or gauze for a few days, as well as eating soft foods in the meantime. Your doctor may ask you to wear your head tilted back slightly for the first few days after surgery.

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Risks of ethnic rhinoplasty

There are some risks involved in any facial plastic surgical procedure, including ethnic rhinoplasty / nose surgery. Possible complications include infection, bleeding, and post-operative pain.

It’s important to discuss the potential complications with your doctor before deciding on an ethnic cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

One of the best ways to prevent many types of complications is by adhering to your surgeon’s advice and instructions. Make sure to follow any post-operative restrictions, such as using ice packs on the area of surgery regularly after ethnic rhinoplasties.

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In conclusion

Ethnic facial cosmetic surgery procedures can make dramatic changes to the shape and appearance of your nose.

Although minor differences may be seen in each person’s ethnic rhinoplasty, the overall goal is usually to slim down a wide or bulky nose by removing excess cartilage and bone material, as well as correcting any ethnic abnormalities.

If you’re ready to discuss an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, contact Clinique Face MD to request an appointment today.

Clinique Face MD is a unique clinic specializing in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Moubayed and his team are committed to providing top-quality service, exceptional value, and expert results in Montreal.

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