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Neck Lift Montreal

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Clinique Face MD

Neck Lift Montreal

No one likes to feel like they look old for their age. Unfortunately, certain aspects of our appearance tend to show advanced signs of aging more quickly than others. The neck is one of these areas.

The effects of sun damage, air pollution, and other genetic and environmental factors combined with the natural loss of skin elasticity as we get older means that the neck region can lose its youthful look.

Fortunately, neck lift procedures are a  cosmetic surgery procedure to reduce excess skin or fatty tissue around the neck area, lifting sagging skin and improving the definition of the jawline.

Clinique Face MD

What Is A Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is a cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedure that aims to tighten the neck muscles and rejuvenate the skin of your neck. Neck lift surgery also goes by some other names including:

  • Lower rhytidectomy
  • Submental lipectomy
  • Cervicoplasty
  • Platysmaplasty

Neck lift surgery, sometimes wrongfully called a mini-facelift, is a facial cosmetic surgery repositions and removes excess and droopy lower face and neck tissue to produce a younger and more refreshed appearance. It targets three areas:

  • Submental fat
  • Midline neck platysmal bands.
  • The jowls

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What Are The Benefits Of A Neck Lift Surgical Procedure?

A neck lift procedure is one of the safest cosmetic procedures available and produces strikingly noticeable results. Other benefits of neck lift surgery include:

  • Well-hidden scars
  • Natural-looking results
  • More toned and younger appearance
  • Long-lasting results (10-15 years)

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What type of neck lift does Dr. Moubayed perform?

Dr. Moubayed, a board-certified head and neck surgeon, performs two different types of neck lift, through either a midline (central) approach, or a midline and lateral approach:

  • Deep neck lift (central): only one scar under the chin is used to address the platysmal bands and the submental fat
  • Deep neck lift (central and lateral lift): the same as above is performed, but we also add incisions in front and behind the ears to tighten the neck muscle (platysma) and improve the jowls
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What are the risks of a neck lift?

Like any surgery, a neck lift presents the universal (but minimal) risks of scarring, bleeding (and bruising), infection (superficial or deep), and pain (temporary or permanent).

Any neck lift involves the risk of producing paralysis of a facial nerve branch, temporary (and sometimes permanent) numbness of the face or ear (via the great auricular nerve), hair loss, and changes in skin pigmentation.

Dr. Moubayed and his team of cosmetic surgeons are exclusively trained in facial surgery and neck procedures. Dr. Moubayed has a conservative and individualized approach with each patient to minimize the risks listed above.

Deep plane neck lift gallery

Warning: These photos are published as an indication to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

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Are you ready for your neck lift consultation?

The experienced surgeons at Clinique Face MD are ready to discuss how to remove loose skin and provide expert neck contouring to improve your youthful appearance and boost confidence.

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Facelift and neck lift surgery involves safety, finesse, and precision. When it is practiced using modern techniques that enable maximal control, neck lifts take approximately two to three hours.

Mini-facelift is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia, depending on patient preference.

Patients generally leave neck surgery the same day and recover at home with plastic drains (to prevent blood accumulations under the skin) and a dressing. Your first appointment happens on the day after surgery where your surgeon removes your drains. Your stitches are removed 5 to 7 days later.

You should expect most bruising to disappear or be easily concealable after two to three weeks before returning to your daily activities. Light physical activity can be resumed after a week, but for more vigorous activities like weightlifting, it is recommended to wait three weeks to minimize bleeding risk.

After two to three weeks, you will be presentable in society. Most of the swelling will disappear during the first three months, but minimal can swelling can persist for up to a year.

It is important to look at multiple factors:

1- Does your doctor have specific expertise in facial surgery and anatomy to be able to protect your facial nerve and minimize complications?

2- Can your doctor perform all types of facelifts to be able to recommend which one is most adapted to your needs without any bias?

3- Did you have a positive experience and feel comfortable during your consultation?

1- Your face shows signs of aging (jowling, submental fat, platysmal bands)

2- You have realistic expectations

3- You are in good health

4- You do not smoke

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We Are Committed To Helping You Achieve Your Desired Look. Trust Your Face To Face MD.

Facial features are what makes each of us unique, and enhancing the appearance of facial features can have a significant effect on self-esteem. Over the counter facial products and makeup provide temporary results, but our procedures offer more durable and dramatic results. Our goal is to identify each patients’ facial aesthetic potential and optimize it.

Clinique Face MD is an aesthetic medical center that specializes in cosmetic enhancement procedures for the face and neck. With our offering of injections, surgery, and state-of-the-art technologies, we are the only clinic in Quebec that provides such a complete service offering dedicated exclusively to aesthetic enhancement of the face and neck.

Our team of facial specialists – overseen by the highly decorated head and neck specialist Dr. Sami Moubayed – are able to improve facial features and help you maximize your aesthetic potential.

We use safe and effective treatment methods using the latest technology – with results that will not only enhance your appearance – but make you feel proud and confident with how you look.

For long lasting, safe and evidence based facial enhancement procedures, go with a name that many other Canadians trust. Trust your face to Face MD!

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