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Facial plastic surgery Montreal
Improve your facial appearance with facial plastic surgery

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Facial plastic reconstructive surgery procedures Montreal

Are you looking for a facial treatment that’s more than just skin deep? Are signs of aging, genetic conditions, or trauma leaving you feeling less confident and unhappy with your self-image? Consider a lasting change to your face that aligns how you look on the outside with how you feel on the inside. Clinique Face MD offers facial plastic reconstructive surgery procedures by experienced surgeons.

Whether you’re looking to restore facial features or to treat medical conditions (such as breathing, and vision issues), facial plastic surgery can improve your mental health, well-being, and self-image.

Clinique Face MD

Work with a trusted head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery

Dr. Moubayed is a head and neck surgeon practicing exclusively in facial plastic surgery in Montreal that is exclusively trained in facial surgery and recently published a medical reference textbook on Facial Plastic Surgery. As a client of Clinique Face MD, you are in good hands.

Work with a trusted face and neck head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery

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Preoperative instructions for aesthetic surgery

If you’re undergoing any surgical procedure, it’s important to closely follow this set of preoperative instructions to ensure your surgical experience is as comfortable and safe as possible. Your doctor will inform you if there are further instructions specific to each procedure.

Work with a Head and Neck Surgeon Practising in Facial Plastic Surgery in Montreal

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Cosmetic plastic surgeries offered at Clinique Face MD

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Nose cosmetic surgery

The nose is a central feature. It is usually the first facial feature people notice about you if it is misshapen or not in proportion with the rest of your facial features. It can make certain patients appear less attractive, older, and create a negative self-image. A rhinoplasty is a common procedure that can improve your facial appearance and that is offered in a wide range of options.

Our facial plastic reconstructive surgeons can reshape and reposition the nose to bring it into line with your facial features for a more balanced look that’s in proportion with your facial structure.

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your nose
lady with plaster nose doctor examining patients face after plastic surgery


One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in our facial plastic surgery practice, a rhinoplasty improves the shape, appearance, and function of your nose. A rhinoplasty surgery balances nose-to-face symmetry and treats medical breathing and deviated septum issues.

alar light


This surgical procedure reduces and reshapes the nostrils if you feel they are too big, misshapen, or uneven. Alar base reduction is a nose surgery that restores balance and symmetry between your nostrils, your nose, and the rest of your face.



If you’re not happy with a primary rhinoplasty, you may opt for a follow-up revision rhinoplasty procedure. Patients may want to address aesthetic concerns and functional concerns with this type of procedure.

IMG 6336 scaled 1


Rhinoplasty can be performed for people of any ethnic background, but some modern rhinoplasty techniques and methods are designed especially for ethnically diverse patients.



We were the first team to introduce the Ultrasonic rhinoplasty technology in Quebec. Ultrasonic or piezoelectric technology is a minimally invasive procedure designed to sculpt the nasal bones and help obtain rhinoplasty results that have minimal swelling, minimal bruising, and decreased need for revision surgery.

Middle eastern rhinoplasty min


A Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is one specific type of ethnic rhinoplasty procedure that is done to enhance the overall facial look of a Middle Eastern person. Discover more about our Middle Eastern rhinoplasty procedures.

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Face & neck plastic surgery

Face or neck cosmetic surgery reduces the signs of aging by correcting skin, muscle or fat in your neck and face regions. These procedures enhance the face by increasing attractiveness, youthfulness, tired appearance, or reducing negative self-image. 

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your face and neck
facetite e1632248760627 480x270 1


FaceTite facial contouring is a procedure that uses radio frequency to help one achieve a younger and more enhanced appearance by tightening facial skin and melting away fat under the skin.

neck lift 1 e1632248674143 480x270 2


A neck lift is a cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedure that aims to tighten the neck muscles and rejuvenate the skin of your neck. Learn more about our neck lift surgical procedures.

buccal fat 2 scaled e1641019512479


If you’re looking to restore a more youthful definition and improve the appearance of your neck, then a neck liposuction may be right for you.

injectables anti aging treatments


Are you looking in the mirror and wondering why you don’t look the same way you feel? A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure meant to improve and reduce the visible signs of aging on the face.

facial fat transfer e1632248024508


Aging can give your face a hollowed-out look due to loss of fat. Some patients also have areas of the face that are not in the optimal proportion of their own facial harmony. Using your body’s existing fat reserves, we can fill out your deflated features. The facial fat transfer procedure is safe and minimally invasive with no synthetic products used. Lift your cheeks, jowls, and smooth out wrinkles and skin folds.

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Chin cosmetic surgery

The chin is a facial feature that can be out of proportion with the rest of your facial features, either because you were born without a defined chin or due to facial trauma. Facial plastic reconstructive surgery can reshape and reposition your chin for a more symmetrical facial structure and facial appearance.

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your chin
istockphoto 939538764 612x612 1


Excess skin and fat around the neck are often due to genetic factors and cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise. Get rid of that double chin and remove excess fat with the popular chin liposuction treatment. Redefine your neck and jawline and improve your facial profile today.

iStock 685846144


Do you feel your chin is undefined and not in proportion to the rest of your face? A chin implant procedure corrects a weak or recessed chin and restores the symmetrical balance of your face. Get a stronger jawline and reduce the appearance of a double chin with this popular cosmetic surgical procedure.

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Eye and eyelid surgery

The eyes are the window to the soul, and the most important feature in human communication. Cosmetic eye surgery can reduce a tired apperance, signs of aging, and icnrease overall attractiveness. 

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your eyes and eyelids
get upper and lower eyelid surgery blepharoplasty and look younger


Improve the appearance of the area surrounding the eyes and improve vision caused by droopy eyelids. An eye lift removes or repositions excess skin, fat, and muscle for a more relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated look.

can you combine a brow lift with botox


Soften forehead wrinkles and lift your brow with a brow lift surgical procedure. Improve the region around the forehead, the brow, and around the eyes. Smooth away facial creases, and reverse that tired and angry look for a more rejuvenated and younger look.

fox eyes makeup 1024x668 1


Fox Eye Lift or Cat Eye, is a procedure performed to create the “ windswept brow” desired in younger women. It can also be used for anyone with heavy skin on the upper eyelids, though it doesn’t matter whether you have an angle-brow shape or not. Discover more about fox eye lift surgery. We often combine it with blepharoplasty.

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Ear surgery

Your ears are facial features that are easy to neglect when it comes to facial care, but facial plastic surgery can repair facial defects or reshape the ears or earlobes to help bring facial symmetry and facial proportion back into an attractive facial appearance.

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your ears
ear surgery otoplasty1


Are you insecure about large protruding ears? An otoplasty restores symmetry by pulling in the ears closer to the head. This surgical ear pinning procedure also helps with stretched or enlarged earlobes for more satisfaction and confidence in your appearance.

bigstock A Plastic Surgeon Doctor Exami 316425076 scaled 1


If your earlobes have been torn from wearing heavy earrings or damaged in an accident, our head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgerys can perform outpatient earlobe repair surgery to correct the damage.

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Cheek surgery

The cheeks are facial features that are on display for people to notice, so facial plastic surgery can be used to augment or reduce the size of facial fat pads. Facial implants are also available for facial reconstructive surgery that can improve facial contours and facial proportion.

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your cheeks and face structure
Buccal Fat Removal


If your cheeks are too prominent (aka chipmunk cheeks), a buccal fat reduction procedure will remove excess fat from your cheek pads and improve contour in your mid and lower face region. If you are looking for chiseled cheekbones or to shed that “baby face” look, look for a buccal fat reduction.

people often remove their buccal fat pad to attain more defined features 1611881911 1 e1641012936111


A facial enhancement procedure that involves the harvesting of fat tissues for the abdomen or thighs and injecting it into the face to add volume or enhance its contours. Learn more about Clinique Face MD’s facial fat transfer treatment.

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Lip cosmetic surgery

Your lips are a facial feature most people notice. If you’re unhappy with the size, shape, or fullness of your lips, facial plastic surgery can help. Your head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery can augment or reduce the size of your lips, as well as lift and reshape them for a facial feature that’s in proportion with your facial structure.

Facial plastic surgeries offered by Clinique Face MD to improve the appearance of your lips


Looking for plump, full, and youthful-looking lips? If you are dissatisfied with the size of your upper lip, or have minor asymmetries, a lip lift is a solution to increase the size of the upper lip, decrease the distance between the nose and upper lip, and improve asymmetries. This results in more harmonious and symmetrical facial features and improves appearance when smiling and talking.

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Looking for non-surgical procedures?

If for any reason you do not feel ready for a facial plastic surgery, Clinique Face MD offers a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of your face. Many individuals can improve their appearance through procedures such as botox injections, dermal fillers, laser treatments and nonsurgical nose jobs. Discover more about the advanced techniques used by our facial surgeons in our medispa treatments.

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What are the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures?

A very popular facial procedure is blepharo­plasty, which removes excess eyelid tissue and/or removes orbital fatty tissue from the eye socket to correct drooping eyelid folds, wrinkles, bags, and dark circles.

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin of the face, resulting in the removal of wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.. 

A rhinoplasty is a very complicated surgical procedure aiming at correcting nose imperfections 

Forehead lifts or eyebrow lifts are one of the most common procedures performed by our head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgerys. It involves removing excess skin from the forehead and repositioning the skin so it sits above the eyebrows instead of below them.

Do not hesitate to contact Clinique Face MD for questions about facial plastic surgery in Montreal

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What Makes Us Special

Our team of experts is committed to your satisfaction with every procedure. We are here for you through every step of the process, providing information and support.

Our medispa treatments combine science with artistry to give you a refreshed appearance that looks natural. You can trust in our experience when it comes to quality products and state-of-the-art tools.

Our surgeons are double-board certified in Canada and have years of experience in facial surgery. We take pride in helping you look your best by providing several procedures that help improve the way you look.

Our doctors offer personalized consultations ensuring your safety and satisfaction, along with one of the best price value in Montreal.Our surgical procedures are done by top-level surgeons who specialize in facial surgery to ensure superior results.

Combining experience with research and technical innovations, you can trust that our injectables will stand the test of time for natural beauty.

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