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Clinique Face MD

Clinique Face MD

FaceTite Facial Contouring Montreal

When you’re seeking a solution to tighten and smooth the skin on your face without going under the knife, consider FaceTite (Facial Contouring).

This non-surgical treatment allows patients to see results in a few months. While traditional Facelifts can be effective for achieving tighter cheeks, jawline, and necklines; some people either don’t want them or aren’t ideal candidates for surgery.

Additionally, others have mild but still unwanted skin laxity along their necks & jaws – this procedure offers an alternative with similar effects as a facelift minus extended downtime or scars associated with standard surgeries.

Clinique Face MD

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite Facial Contouring Montreal is a procedure that uses radio frequency to help one achieve a younger and more enhanced appearance. The treatment tightens aging skin by targeting problem areas within the tissue of the face, reducing saggy skin under the chin, around the nose, or in any other problematic area. It is a quick, 45-minute procedure that is also usually combined with submental liposuction.

Many patients find this procedure beneficial to tighten the skin in their lower face and neck and remove excess fat. Results usually take 3-6 months to appear for new collagen stimulation.

Clinique Face MD

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate for FaceTite Facial Contouring is those who are looking for a way to tighten skin on various parts of their face but don’t want any downtime or scars associated with surgeries. The best candidates for this procedure are within the age range of 35-70, have some mild laxity around their eyes or jawlines, and are looking for a long-term solution that won’t require any further treatment.

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Benefits of Facial Contouring

The benefits of this procedure include reduced appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, reduced sagging skin under the chin and the neck. It’s also an ideal alternative for patients who are not ready for surgery yet or want less downtime.

Some other benefits include:

  • Minimal downtime
  • Treatment done in 45 minutes
  • Results can last for years
  • Safe, quick solution for mild laxity
  • Combined with liposuction

FaceTite and liposuction gallery

Warning: These photos are published as an indication to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

Clinique Face MD

About the FaceTite Facial Contouring Procedure

The minimally invasive procedure, Facetite tightens the tissues of your face and neck by inserting a probe to deliver bipolar radiofrequency energy. After numbing the area with local anesthesia, tiny incisions are made under ear lobes and chin; these small openings allow for easier access during treatment.

As a powerful minimally-invasive technique, FaceTite is capable of achieving skin tightening and fat reduction for carefully selected candidates. This contouring and youthful appearance help create a more confident you!

Clinique Face MD

Who Should Not Have FaceTite Facial Contouring

If you have any of the following conditions, talk to the FaceTite Treatment may not be right for you.

  • Severe laxity and jowling that needs a Facelift
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Use of isotretinoin (Accutane®) within 6 months before treatment
  • Active skin disease in the treated area
  • Bleeding disorder or any anticoagulant use
  • Skin resurfacing or surgery to the area in the last 3 months
  • Pacemaker or any electrical implant in the body
  • Hyaluronic acid or other filler in the last 6 months in the treated area (except injections performed in a deep periosteal plane)
  • Skin cancer in the treated area
  • Severe concurrent conditions (such as heart disorders, epilepsy, uncontrolled hypertension, liver/kidney disease)
  • Immune suppression
  • Poorly controlled diabetes or thyroid problems
  • Allergy to anesthesia

Clinique Face MD

Treatment Preparation of FaceTite Facial Contouring:

Before treatment, patients should refrain from using any skincare products, including topical anti-aging creams, serums, or retinol to allow penetration into the skin that coincides with treatment.

Patients should arrive at their appointment clean and free of makeup, powder, and lotions.
Discontinue any irritant, topical agents, for 2-3 days before treatment and if medically permitted, anticoagulants should be stopped 7 days before treatment.

If you are prone to cold sores, your doctor will prescribe you prophylactic medication to prevent reactivation.

Clinique Face MD

Recovery Time from FaceTite Facial Contouring:

You will leave wearing a compression garment that should be worn for the first 7 days that you will spend at home. It should be worn at night for the following 3 weeks. You can experience some mild swelling for up to 2 weeks however you can return to work, do regular activities and wear makeup once the compression garment is removed.

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Clinique Face MD

Risks of FaceTite Facial Contouring:

FaceTite is safe & effective but within some risks. Patients may experience mild redness, swelling, and/or bruising which typically goes away on its own after a couple of days. FaceTite Facial Contouring is not appropriate for all patients and you should speak with your doctor if you think this procedure is right for you.

Minor complications may include:

Temporary decreased sensitivity
Ecchymosis (hematomas)
Skin burns
Skin color changes
Loose skin
Skin contour irregularities
Prolonged edema

Major complications include:

Allergic reaction
Anesthesia-related complications
Fluid overload
Deep vein thrombosis
Pulmonary complications
Fat embolus
Excessive blood loss
Surgical shock
Cardiac complications.
The major complications are related to any liposuction technology, even though they have never been described with this procedure.

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Clinique Face MD

We Are Committed To Helping You Achieve Your Desired Look. Trust Your Face To Face MD.

Facial features are what makes each of us unique, and enhancing the appearance of facial features can have a significant effect on self-esteem. Over the counter facial products and makeup provide temporary results, but our procedures offer more durable and dramatic results. Our goal is to identify each patients’ facial aesthetic potential and optimize it.

Clinique Face MD is an aesthetic medical center that specializes in cosmetic enhancement procedures for the face and neck. With our offering of injections, surgery, and state-of-the-art technologies, we are the only clinic in Quebec that provides such a complete service offering dedicated exclusively to aesthetic enhancement of the face and neck.

Our team of facial specialists – overseen by the highly decorated head and neck specialist Dr. Sami Moubayed – are able to improve facial features and help you maximize your aesthetic potential.

We use safe and effective treatment methods using the latest technology – with results that will not only enhance your appearance – but make you feel proud and confident with how you look.

For long lasting, safe and evidence based facial enhancement procedures, go with a name that many other Canadians trust. Trust your face to Face MD!

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