Key Facts About Liquid Facelifts

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Key Facts About Liquid Facelifts

Those who wish to stave off the facial aging process but don’t want to undergo surgery might want to take a look at the option of a liquid facelift as a means to obtain the rejuvenated appearance they desire. Dr. Moubayed has vast experience administering facial injections and is proud to provide a series of options to help you obtain the youthful change you seek.

Liquid facelifts incorporate facial fillers and wrinkle-relaxing agents to produce a smooth, younger look. Injectable fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Teosyal are placed into the skin directly to plump areas that have grown hollow with age. Products of this type are often used beneath the eyes, in the lips, in the nasolabial folds, as well as in the cheek area. Botox and Xeomin, popular wrinkle relaxers, are placed beneath the skin to eliminate the surface appearance of wrinkles. These are often placed in the forehead area and near the eyes to reduce the appearance of Crow’s feet. They are also great for lessening unsightly laugh lines. When relaxers and fillers are used together the overall effect is impressive indeed.

The liquid facelift technique can address a whole host of issues that come with the passage of time. It can bring renewed volume to the facial area, soften facial features, eliminate bumps on the skin, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and plump up hollow areas of the face. It can also remedy under-eye bags and circles, boost the youthfulness of the cheeks, and bring volume back the chin. Impressively, it can also made a world of difference at the neckline, solving the jowls that so often emerge with age.

At the time of consultation, Dr. Moubayed conducts a thorough assessment of the face to decide which injectables are most likely to achieve the desired outcome. Alcohol will be used to sterilize those parts of the face, and numbing cream may be used in some cases. The products will be placed into the skin with a fine needle and syringe to the point where the fullness sought has been reached. The instant results almost always amaze patients who tend to return later on for additional treatments as required. Some fillers take a couple of days to produce full results, and while the outcomes are not going to be permanent, liquid face lifts tend to endure for anywhere from three months to an entire year. These can be a great middle options before opting for a surgical solution. There are even patients who never go the surgical route because they are so happy with what the liquid facelifts do for their appearance.

Liquid facelift costs vary based on how extensive the procedure and how many fillers and wrinkle relaxers are used. But in most cases, the process costs far less than a surgical facelift, with far less risk.

Every product used in a liquid facelift has been approved by Health Canada and will therefore be safe for patients. Some may experience slight bruising following their procedure, but these clear quickly and can be covered with makeup. The key is to have a conversation with a professional to determine which products are right for you and will help you achieve your objectives. Working with a board certified doctor who understands how these injections work is the best way to get great results in a safe and healthy manner. Dr. Moubayed is double board-certified and possesses the experience with liquid facelifts patients demand.

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