How much does otoplasty cost?

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How much does otoplasty cost?

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How much does otoplasty cost?

Do you feel self-conscious about how far your ears protrude? Do you want your ears to be a different size or shape? If so, you might want to consider otoplasty. This cosmetic ear surgery is useful to realign abnormalities, reduce the size of big ears, and repair ears that protrude excessively. In this article, we explain how much otoplasty costs and what factors influence the price of this operation.

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty or ear pinning is an ear correction surgery that aims to enhance the appearance of the ears. The shape of the ears can be altered, their size reduced, and they can be brought closer to the skull. Otoplasty can also be used to treat birth defects or injury-related malformations.

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The different types of otoplasty

Traditional and non-surgical otoplasty are the two main types of otoplasty. While non-surgical otoplasty uses injectable fillers to modify the ear, traditional otoplasty entails reshaping the ear cartilage. It’s vital to explore which cosmetic surgery procedure is ideal for you with your doctor because each type has a unique combination of benefits and drawbacks.

During traditional otoplasty surgery, the doctor makes an incision at the back of the ear, and the ear cartilage is moved to a more cosmetically acceptable position using stitches and sutures. Although this kind of otoplasty is permanent, if the ear cartilage changes over time, it can necessitate further surgery.

Injectable fillers are used in non-surgical otoplasty, a minimally invasive technique. Results from this form of otoplasty normally last between six and twelve months. Non-surgical otoplasty is typically used for modest earlobe reshaping, such as lessening earlobe prominence or giving the shape of the ear greater definition.

Factors that influence the cost of the surgery

The type of surgical procedure, the surgeon’s qualifications and experience, the patient’s specific requirements, the location, and the cost of the operation are all variables that affect the price of otoplasty.

The surgeon’s qualifications and experience play a significant role in pricing. Typically, a highly skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon will charge more than one with less training and experience. The cost of the procedure may also vary depending on where it is performed. Otoplasty costs may be higher in some places because of the expense of living and the greater demand for experienced surgeons.

Finally, the cost may vary depending on the patient’s specific requirements. The price may be higher, for instance, if the patient requires a more involved operation to correct a more severe deformity. You should talk with your surgeon about payment options because otoplasty will usually not be covered by insurance.

Financing options for otoplasty

If you can’t pay for ear pinning surgery upfront, there are different financing alternatives that you can consider:

  • Medical loan companies exist and our clinic can refer them to you if you are interested
  • Credit cards: Credit cards provide convenience and flexibility, and allow you to spread out the cost of the treatment.
  • Personal loans: they are an additional source of funding for otoplasty. Banks, credit unions, and online lenders offer personal loans.

The advantages of otoplasty

Otoplasty is a plastic surgery that has a lot of advantages for those who want to make their ears look better. This operation can aid in regaining the balance and proportion of the face by surgically changing the shape, size, and placement of the ears. The surgery is striaghtforward and quick, typically requiring one to two hours for both ears. The effects are noticeable right away, and the majority of patients are able to resume their regular routines in a few days.

By removing any impediments brought on by excessively large ears, otoplasty can also assist to improve self-confidence and self-esteem. Otoplasty can also treat defects that may have developed after birth or those brought on by an accident. Last but not least, otoplasty is a treatment with few side effects. Most patients report great results with minimal scarring with the right care and follow-up.

Is otoplasty covered by insurance?

Cosmetic surgery in adults is typically not covered by insurance policies in Canada.

The average cost of otoplasty surgery

Depending on the complexity of the treatment, the type of anesthesia used, and the cosmetic surgeon’s competence, you can typically expect to pay anywhere from $8,000 to $4,000 for otoplasty.

The price of pre-and post-operative care, including consultations, follow-up visits, and prescription medications, must also be taken into account. To obtain a more precise estimate of these costs, it is important to have a consultation with a board-certified surgeon.

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Risks and complications of ear surgery

As with any other surgery, an otoplasty presents the universal but minimal risks of scarring, bleeding, bruising, infection, and pain (temporary or permanent). However, the main risk of any cosmetic surgery is not being satisfied with the results.

After an initial consultation that includes a complete examination and photo evaluation, Dr. Moubayed can generally produce the desired outcome of a patient. However, we do not control the healing of tissues. Some patients heal in unpredictable ways which can produce asymmetries or irregularities that sometimes require touch-ups.

Perfect symmetry does not exist and patients often have asymmetries before surgery that, even when corrected, don’t heal in a perfectly symmetric way. Thankfully, this is generally not very problematic as people seldom look at both ears simultaneously. Finally, otoplasty surgery carries the risk of recurrence due to early or delayed failure of a suture.

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Dr. Moubayed is a double board-certified head and neck surgeon that is exclusively trained in ear and facial surgery. He has performed over 3,500 surgeries in his career so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. He adopts a conservative and individualized approach with each patient. All patients are followed closely after surgery with very precise and clear instructions. This is done in order to minimize the risks listed above.

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