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How much is a facelift in Canada?

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How much is a facelift in Canada?

There are numerous variables that affect the price of facelift surgeries such as location, skin type, age as well as the surgeon’s expertise and qualifications. Facelifts are cosmetic procedures that involve lifting or tightening facial and neck muscles to smooth out wrinkles, remove excess fat, or improve contours. They’re also known as rhytidectomies, and they can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years depending on the procedure performed. A facelift is typically done under general anesthesia and requires several weeks of recovery time.


What is facelift surgery?

Every surgeon has a different definition of facelift.  Some surgeons always include a neck lift with a facelift, others not.

When lifting the face, a midface lift or a lower facelift can be performed and are different procedures. A midface lift can be performed using surgery or volumization of the midface. A lower Facial lift surgery is usually performed using surgery, and defines the jawline by addressing the jowls. A neck lift is often included with a facelift and helps address platysmal bands and submental fat. A facelift often is performed with other rejuvenating facial procedures, such as brow lifting, blepharoplasty, lip lift, chin implant, fat transfer, liposuction, radiofrequency and laser resurfacing of the skin.

Facelift before and after photos


What does it involve?

A facelift involves incisions into the face, and neck and lifting up the deep muscle tissues as well as the skin. Facial lifts are often done under general anesthesia and require sutures. They can take several hours to complete depending on how much tissue needs to be repositioned and removed.

After the surgery, you will likely feel sore and experience bruising around the eyes and mouth. You might also feel some swelling and tenderness around the neck and ears. You will probably spend a few days recovering at home, where you will be given pain medication and antibiotics to prevent infection. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on what activities you can do while you recover.


Types of facelifts

There are different types of facelift techniques to reverse the signs of facial aging and preserve your youthful appearance.

Liquid facelift

A facial injectable treatment can be an effective alternative to plastic surgeries such as facelifts. Dermal filler treatments are non-surgical facelifts that help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and restore volume to the cheeks and jawline. These injections are also helpful for those who don’t wish to undergo surgical procedures.

Mini facelift procedure

A mini facial lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure that makes smaller incisions than traditional facelifts, avoiding a central neck incision. During the procedure, tiny incisions are made in front and behind the ears. These incisions allow the surgeon to tighten the face and remove excess tissues; improving the appearance of the jowls, neck, and jawline. Mini facial lifts are ideal for people with early signs of aging who aren’t ready for a complete lift. In general, a mini facelift provides less dramatic results than a traditional facelift, and is reserved for patients who do not have severe central neck aging. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

Deep neck lift

A deep neck lift is a single-incision lift that addresses the neck only. It is usually done under local anesthesia, and addresses the neck bands, as well as the neck fat. It is done for patients that already have minimal to no jowling. If the patients require some jawline definition, some liposuction can be performed at the same time.

Deep plane face and neck lift

A deep-plane facial lift is an advanced technique where the face and neck muscles, the SMAS, are lifted from their deep layer, above the facial nerves, and repositioned in a more youthful configuration to rejuvenate the face and neck. Incisions may be placed around the ear and into the hairline. A small cut is also necessary under the jawline. Muscles are separated from the surrounding tissues allowing the tightening of the facial tissue.Recovery takes about two to three weeks.


How much does a facelift cost?

The cost for facelift surgery in Canada ranges between $8000 to $25,000. The price can fluctuate a lot because each patient has their own anatomy and aesthetic goals, therefore the procedure require can be significantly different. If you are interested in this plastic surgery, one of the best way to get a price estimate is to schedule a consultation with a qualified head and neck surgeon practicing in facial plastic surgery.


What factors influence the cost of facelifts?

  • Location: expect a higher price in larger metropolitan areas
  • Surgeon’s experience and qualifications: a specialized facial surgeon will generally charge more than a cosmetic surgeon performing cosmetic surgery all over the body
  • Administrative practice fees: this covers the cost for the surgical coordinators and support staff that assist you during the consultation process
  • Type of facelift: a longer procedure duration will incur more costs
  • Anesthesia fees: surgery under general anesthesia is more expensive
  • Surgical facility costs: facility costs include nursing fees, before, during and after surgery, surgical equipment, consumables, and rental of the operating room
  • Nursing and after-care: this covers the fees for the nurses involved in your post-operative care
  • Post-surgery garments


Side effects to expect after a facelift procedure

As with any cosmetic surgery, you may experience some side effects such as:

  • A certain level of discomfort is normal after surgery
  • Bruising around the incision site for two to three weeks
  • Although our patients are presentable after two to three weeks, swelling can last 6 to 12 months
  • Risk of bleeding during surgery, although it is minimal
  • Any surgery involves scarring, however facelift scars usually heal in an inconspicuous way
  • Minimal risk of facial nerve injury
  • Minimal risk of hair loss around incision sites
  • Lumps, bumps, and irregularities, that soften over time
  • The most common complication, although rare, is an unsatisfactory cosmetic result. Although we do not guarantee results, we guarantee to do everything we can to give you one of the best possible result.


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Specializing in plastic surgery of the face, head, and neck, Dr. Sami Moubayed is a double board-certified otolaryngologist practicing in facial plastic surgery who has completed over 4,000 surgical procedures. Dr. Moubayed attended the Stanford University where he was the first non-American to complete the highly-coveted Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship position.

With an active involvement in lecturing and medical education, he continues to make presentations to various medical associations, and has had numerous articles and chapters published in international major journals and textbooks, and published a textbook to teach Facial Plastic Surgery. Our clinic offers you the highest standard of medical care and ensures you one of the best results. We provide you with the safest and most effective options in cosmetic facial surgical procedures.

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