If I’m Not Fatigued, Why Do I Have Eye Bags?

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If I’m Not Fatigued, Why Do I Have Eye Bags?

When eye bags appear under your eyes, even when you are not even tired, you are experiencing one of the most frustrating signs of aging in the face. Some folks even have a genetic disposition to purple discoloration beneath the eyes, making this phenomenon all the more aggravating.

This all begs the question of just what causes these things to appear? The following paragraphs will provide a bit of explanation, and once you have a grasp of the underlying causes of eye bags, you can think about whether you would like to take action and learn how Dr. Moubayed can help.

Causes Of Eye Bags
With the passage of time, facial fat deposits tend to move away from the space encompassing the eye socket. They move downward and create a puffed up area beneath the eye itself. Tissues of this sort can also begin to retain moisture and create an increasingly puffy appearance. When water retention is at its peak, whether because of diet, hormonal shifts, sleep disruptions, or other reasons, the effect can be even worse.

Why Eye Circles Look Purple
Many also suffer from darkened circles beneath the eyes, and these can develop for many reasons. First of all, it is useful to note that the skin beneath the eyes tends to be thinner than on other parts of the body. This is problematic, because the skin here rests on blood vessels and purplish muscle. As such, the skin can adopt a purple hue. Genetics play a role here, and if you remember your parents having these kinds of dark circles, you probably do also.

Can Anything Be Done To Help?
Some home remedies are available to address circles under the eye which work to ameliorate dark circles as well as puffiness. Try to cut your salt intake, sleep more each night, keep your head elevated, and apply cold compresses when possible.

However, these techniques are unlikely to solve the entire problem. Our team, however, can go the extra mile to remedy the circles beneath your eyes. Dermal fillers can be applied, and these include Juvederm and Resylane. These work to fill in the hollow areas beneath the eye, lighten the pigmentation of the under-eye skin, and soften up the tear trough. The fillers create a barrier between the skin itself and the tissue that lies beneath.

Undergoing a surgical eyelid procecure is the most impactful method of truly tackling problems with the under-eye fat pad and handle the bags that can result. In such a procedure, excess skin can be eliminated and fat can be removed or repositioned. It may also be possible to tighten muscles in the area.

If you are fed up with your under-eye circles and bags, contact Clinique Face MD for an initial consultation.

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